More Goth Boy Hairstyles!

Goth boy hairstyles can be any length, long or short, or sometimes with some parts shaved and some parts long. Most goth boys dye their hair black, but you can get a good goth boy look with bleached blonde hair or dying it red. Some goth boys go for a tough look, while others like to look more cute and androgynous.

Charlie Gets a Mohawk Haircut!

Charlie's friends give him a hot mohawk haircut in the dorm bathroom!

Michael Castro Emo Hairstyles!

Besides his awesome pink mohawk haircut he had for American Idol, Michael Castro has had some great emo hairstyles too!

Planet X Hairstyles from Tel Aviv!

Planet X Salon in Tel Aviv, Israel, does great scene hairstyles for Israeli party kids! Check out their Youtube profile for more pictures of mohawk, emo, tecktonik, and scene hairstyles that have come from their salon!

More Emo Mohawk Hairstyles!

Most people think mohawk haircuts are only for punks, but the mohawk is more about a great look than specific scene! A mohawk with some bright color, or cut in a sharp different way, can work really well for an emo boy too!

Bill Kaulitz Ultimate Emo/Goth/Scene Boy!

Bill Kaulitz has always had the ultimate goth/emo/scene rockstar boy looks! The picture at the bottom pciture is his new hairstyle and make-up, snapped by a papparazzo at a Berlin nightclub! What do you think? Check out more photos and video here!

Big Brother Giving Little Brother a Mohawk Haircut!

Ryan's big brother gives him a very cool looking mohawk haircut!